teens on outdoor hike

Behavioral Treatment: Why It’s Comprehensive

When you have a child or teen who is entering behavioral treatment, it’s important to understand that treatment is truly an entire package. We at New Beginnings take a comprehensive approach to treatment because we know that negative patterns of thinking and maladaptive behaviors can truly affect, or stem from, any area of life. Moreover, problems of behavioral health typically run deep and call for addressing deep-seated psychological issues. Here is a look at some of the many aspects of a well rounded approach to treatment, and how each aspect works to heal emotional scars and support true internal change.

Psychological Care

Comprehensive treatment will, of course, involve tailored psychological care to help children and teens grapple with deep-seated issues such as anxiety, compulsive disorder, depression, grief management, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and high risk behaviors. Psychotherapy is provided on an individual basis to help each residential with specific mental and behavioral needs. Group therapy is also utilized to help children and teens develop healthy interpersonal relationships while gaining new coping skills.


It is remarkable the effect that an unbalanced diet can have on psychological health. That is why all of our snacks and meals are well balanced specifically designed to promote not only well rounded physical health but also strong mental and emotional health.

Recreational Activities

Regular, engaging physical activity is central to developing mental and emotional stability and for providing healthy outlets for managing stress. From exercise classes to outdoor experiences, children and teens can enjoy and try out recreational activities that move them.

Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic activities such as music therapy, fine art, and gardening may not be extremely physical in nature, but they can help strengthen the mind significantly. These activities can help bring peace and healing to the mind, both throughout treatment and in life after treatment. These activities also give children and teens an opportunity to interact with wholesome activities that might become a central part of their post-treatment lifestyle.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities such as visiting museums or local music events can greatly enrich any lifestyle as well, helping children and teens learn to seek wholesome activities and interactions in life beyond treatment.

Community Service

Mental and behavioral problems such as anxiety and depression can cause a person to become increasingly inwardly focused, and community service gives children and teens the opportunity to look outward while contributing to their surrounding community.


Children and teens also need education at this vital time in their lives, and we are able to help each individual continue their education while undergoing treatment with us. We utilize a fully accredited, well-rounded curriculum that students can conveniently access online. Coursework is completed at an individual pace according to an individually tailored time and schedule, under the supervision of multiple education facilitators.

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