Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

New Beginnings Behavioral Health is located in the dynamic suburb of Draper, Utah.  Provided in a home-like setting, New Beginnings RTC offers a nurturing, active, and professional therapeutic environment. Our boutique 16-bed, co-ed treatment facility is spacious, modern, clean, and comfortable.  Our licensed clinical staff provide intensive therapeutic interventions, while our Youth Mentors provide 24-7 supervision and support to assist youth though the program day.

While at New Beginnings residents will enjoy nutritious meals, have regular access to cultural, recreational, and therapeutic activities in addition to community service projects and assignments.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Male or female 11-17 years old
  • Diagnosed mental or behavioral health disorders
  • Unsuccessful at lower levels of care or treatment

The following factors will be considered in determining the appropriate level of services, supervision and placement of each client:

  • Risk of victimizing others;
  • Risk of inappropriate consensual activity;
  • Risk of being victimized by others;

New Beginnings Residential Treatment Services are NOT suitable for the following individuals:

  • Active and high-risk drug users
  • Highly violent or physically aggressive youth
  • Sexually aggressive, compulsive, disturbed, or group influenced to exhibit sexualized behaviors beyond the norm for their age and developmental level
  • Youth requiring assistance with toileting
  • Youth requiring more that 20% direct assistance with ADL’s
  • Under the age of 11 or over the age of 17
  • Victims of head trauma
  • Full IQ score 80 and below
  • Juvenile sex offenders
  • Pregnant or parenting teens
  • Youth diagnosed with a primary eating disorder

Apply today,  or for more information please contact our Admission Office at 801-282-6953 today!


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